Special projects

With an absolute specificity, affinity and the highest possible avidity, the DB Biotech monospecific rabbit clonal antibodies introduce a new level of quality for antibodies used in basic, clinical research, and human clinical diagnostics (IHC-P and/or ELISA). DB Biotech’s original in-vitro cloning approach is especially recommended for the difficult targets where the standard monoclonal technology fails.

Proposed service

Step 1

Structural analysis of the antigen (protein or peptide) molecule, design of specific immunogenic peptide with an original and unique epitope.

The antigen is analyzed by a proprietary 18-22 step protocol, which includes primary, secondary and tertiary structure analysis, possible protein/protein interaction domains, regulatory post-translational modifications, protein truncations, etc. The outcome of this analysis is an original immunogenic peptide (15-25 aminoacid residues), which is used to immunize the rabbits.

Step 2

Crude rabbit antiserum preparation

Standard protocol:

  • synthesis of immunogenic peptide
  • conjugation with carrier protein
  • rabbit immunization with two consequent boosts
  • crude antiserum preparation

Step 3

In-vitro cloning, preparation of monospecific fraction of rabbit IgGs corresponding to one single original epitope of antigen molecule.

Standard protocol:

  • in vitro cloning, preparation of several unique homogenous fractions of IgGs recognizing each monospecifically single and previously targeted epitope on the antigen molecule
  • detailed testing of affinity, specificity and avidity of the obtained clones
  • selection of the best clone
  • setup of a detailed applicational protocol for the final clone use

In order to prepare our price offer for your project, please send us the name of the target protein (UniProt ortholog), or specific post-translational modification, which should be clearly recognized and/or quantified by a clonal antibody.

The minimum quantity of a pure clonal antibody is 10ml (usually 10mg of pure monospecific clonal IgGs), with the minimum dilution 1:2,000 for Western blot application; 1:100-1:500 for IHC-P application.

Company - client approach

DB Biotech uses a new company-client approach in our antibody design and production, as well as enhanced communication with the interested customer. Our company will first analyze the given project, and the corresponding customer parameters regarding the antibody. The target protein is consequently analyzed based on various aspects of a complete proteomic approach.

The resulting designated peptide is used for the production of polyclonal anti-peptide antibodies. At the highest quality of preparation, pure clones of immunoglobulins are separated from crude antiserum by newly introduced in-vitro cloning technology which is the unique and proprietary know-how of DB Biotech.