Our rabbit clonal antibodies are developed using a novel in-vitro cloning technology which enables the preparation of a pure immunoglobulin fraction corresponding to a single clone of B lymphocytes. The obtained immunoglobulin recognizes one single linear epitope on the antigen molecule, making this antibody comparable in quality to its monoclonal analogue.

Moreover, the influence of the protein tertiary structure – frequently present in epitopes recognized by monoclonal antibodies – is eliminated in immunoglobulins corresponding to the clonal antibody.

Advantages of rabbit clonal antibodies

  • Exceptional specificity recognizing the corresponding antigen at the concentration of ≥5ng
  • Highest possible sensitivity, affinity and avidity
  • Reliability on any tissue
  • Cost-effective dilutions
  • Special focus on difficult targets
  • Please find more details about our technology in the following document: DB Biotech’s Monospecific Clonal Antibody Discovery Technology
    Frequenty asked questions about technology process can be found in Support - FAQ.


Rabbit clonal antibodies - principle & design