About us

DB Biotech is focused on the design and production of high quality rabbit clonal antibodies developed by a novel and proprietary in-vitro cloning technology which has been developed and perfected by the DBB scientific team over a period of 20 years. DB Biotech monospecific clonal antibodies are uniquely characterized by exceptional specificity, affinity and avidity.

The DB Biotech in-vitro cloning technology enables the preparation of a pure immunoglobulin fraction corresponding to a single clone of B lymphocytes. The obtained immunoglobulin recognizes only one single linear epitope on the antigen molecule, making a DB Biotech antibody comparable in quality to its monoclonal analogue.

In addition, the influence of the protein tertiary structure – frequently present in epitopes formed during production of monoclonal antibodies – is eliminated in the immunoglobulins corresponding to the clonal antibody. DB Biotech produced antibodies correspond strictly to the conserved linear epitope of the antigen molecule, yielding a higher-quality, more specific antibody with significantly better affinity and avidity.

Founded in 2006, DB Biotech has earned an international reputation for the development of high quality antibodies used in research and routine clinical diagnostics. DB Biotech‘s goal is to establish a new gold-standard for the development and application of antibodies on a daily basis, from background-free western blots, to special quantitative diagnostics, and potential applications of humanized antibodies for disease treatment purposes.